"Invincibility lies in the defence" Sun Tzu circa 500BC

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the services at

Originally formed in 2002 and continually at the cutting edge to advance
with the times.  Anthony Island and its Associated Companies were an
innovative business enterprise that incorporated the service provision of
several Specialist Protection Companies and Operatives.

All our registered operators and specialists worldwide operate completely
within the full requirements of the guidelines set out by the relevant local
laws and we can supply, if needed, fully SIA compliant operatives all with
excellent English language skills from across Europe. All operators are
trained to very high standards by R
adius Training Limited and have passed
necessary requirements for the discipline they are employed in. We can
also supply operatives badged if need be for the likes of UK based
Companies working in hostile environments or where a requirement for a
physical benchmark standard of operator is required?

With our vast regional, national and international knowledge, we are able to
accommodate all requests for our services, at home and abroad, in the
provision of, although not limited to:

Executive Security/Close Protection

SIA Recognised and Bespoke Training

Incident Crisis/Management

Risk/Threat Management

Medical Provision and Training

Surveillance/Intelligence Reports

xclusively for Radius Security and Radius Training we offer a full training
service accredited by H
ighfield Awarding Body for Compliance and Maybo.
Our vast experience and proven track record has already benefited many
organisations and individuals and we are proud to be able to offer an array
of courses not just aimed at the security industry. Our services are
recognised by the Institute for Learning (IfL) and
other professional bodies,
as Radius training we are registered under the UKRLP,
 so you can rest
assured that you will receive an excellent service that will suit learners and
workplace alike

Should you require information on these services or others then please
contact us by any of the details given on this web address. Should you
require short notice cover or
bespoke requirements then please do not
hesitate to use the mobile/cell numbers provided for a quicker service.

Anthony Island

Tel:   0843 221 1233
Fax:  0125 745 3244
Mobile: 078
8 406 2158
             0740 294 5869

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